Rudnichnaya HPPs, diversion type, is a cascade of two HPPs  utilizing middle portion of the Koksu River for hydraulic power generation. HPPs are designed to transfer electricity to power grid of the south of Kazakhstan.

Gross installed capacity: 42 MW

Gross electric power output, yearly: 185.1 mln. kW*h


Location: Kerbulak district of Almaty region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 80 km away from Taldykorgan, near Rudnichnaya village.



The project is included to the List of the Ministry of Energy of the RK for energy producing organizations using renewable energy sources, holding site construction project feasibility study for the use of renewable energy sources, approved and agreed with authorized body or local executive body.


A contract with “Accounting and Finance Centre for the Support of Renewable Energy Sources”, LLP, has been concluded for purchase of electricity.


The project has a positive conclusion of state expertise.